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 2010 Race-By-Race

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PostSubject: 2010 Race-By-Race   Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:39 am


1. Daytona (Daytona 250)
-Daemin Scott wins his first carrer race after this 100 lap race was produced by 5 cautions(4 for single car spins,other for debree)

2. Boston (Lumber Liquidators 200 )
-A four caution event leads to a interesting battle between Nate Pieper and Walter Youthan,Pieper ends up winning the race.

3. Atlana (Zaxbys 250)
-The First 81(of 120) laps were caution free,the first caution was caused by Todd Pieper spining Scott Johnson around and being smacked into by Cody Wyke.Both Drivers were okay as Walter Green avoided a last lap crash to win his first carrer race.

4. Peoria (Red Bull 150)
-9 Cautions included Keith Hales Flying in the turn 2 cathfenice,luckly nobody was hurt as Hales teammate Steven Volk dominated the race leading 72 of 120 laps and winning his ninth carrer race.

5. Bristol (Wave Energy 200)
- 17 cautions marred the 200 lap race as short track star Jesse Donahue won by a destoryed rear end.

6. Sonoma (Sonoma Grand Prix)
- atleast 10 cars were taken out of contention as Road Ringer Michael Scott wins after leading 33 of 60 laps

7. Darlington(MnM's 200)
- as NOVAR hits its home track, Shell Motorsports dominated the race as SM cars led 116 of the 120 laps,Cody Wyke makes SM have a 1-2-3-4 finish as Nargan finished second,M. Scott Finishes third, D.Scott in Fourth

8. Pittsburgh{Bosshog} (Gatorade 250)
-NOVAR's first race at this 27 year old track leans to a clean race as Mike Johnson wins after leading only 7 laps of the race 150 laps

9. Talladega (Budwiser 200)
- The first part was only had three cautions(all for one car spins), but the last two were for big ones in the last 25 laps, leads to Cody Wyke doing a spectacular blowover on the back straightaway, and Eric Webler winning from crossing the white flag from 7th.

10.Charlotte (Lowe's 250)
- race marred with 5 cautions(3 for big crashes). ends up leaving Will Legge winning his first carrer race.

11.Grand Detour(Dell 250)
- 19 Cautions left 11 cars to duke for the victory, Casey Anderson led 116 of 200 laps to victory.

12.New York Autoring(Coke 250)
- about four big ones occur leaving 16 left in the race,one of them, Eric Webler won after leading 12 of 100 laps.

13.Montreal (Montreal Grand Prix)
- A Crashfest event gives Michael Scott win #2 after passing Candian Chadler Blake on the last coroner(M.Scott Started 41st and led only 1 lap.)

14.Daytona(Pepsi 200)
The First 40 laps had 1 yellow for debree,but David Peteyon Spin, a 23 car wreck and Cars #5,#8,and #25 crashes leaves Aaron Fisher winning His first carrer race in his first carrer start.

15.Mexico(Mexico Grand Prix)
Jesse Donahue Dominates after leading 59 of 60 laps only to get turned by a lap car giving the win to Chadler Blake.

16.Ohio(Burger King 200)
8 Cautions led Mike Johnson thinking having the win... But Scott Jett rams into Johnson after Johnson did a bump a run to Jett.. Jett was disquified and Logan Chin was given to win.

17.Indy(Indy 250)
a HUGE last lap crash makes a drag race between Walter Green and Brian Wilson, Wilson wins by .008

18.Darlington(Dodge 200)
Legge motorsports Outsmarts everybody leading 112 of the 120 laps.. only to get a bad stop with Nate Woods, Luke Warren wins.

19.Charlotte(Dupont 200)
3 Cautions lead race #2 of Walter Green winnings.

20.Kansas (Degree 200)
5 Cautions has Shane Bliss winning the Degree 200.

21.Dover(Combos 200)
Brian Wilson and Logan Chin have a AMAZING battle in the last 10 laps.Chin endeds up winning

22.Talladega(Dickies 250)
Eric Webler sweeps both Talladega races leading 3 laps

23.Homestead(Monster Energy 200)
Chris Bell FINALLY WINS HIS FIRST RACE after making a last pass on Luke Warren

24.Texas(American Airlines 200)
With the Championship intesnifiying.. Shane Nargan wins going from 9th to 4th in points...

25.New York Autoring(Albany 250 presented by Delta Airlines)
With cars,#53,07,38,32,and 75 only having a shot... the 75 and 38 cars crash out.. Eric Webler wins but ....... BRYAN KITTLESON WINS HIS FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP FOR REELIN RACING AND LUKE WARREN'S #14 CAR WINS THE OWNER TITLE + CHEVY WINS MANUFACTOR TITLE


FINAL Win List in 2010
#07-Eric Webler(4)
#12-Michael Scott(2)
#39-Walter Green(2)
#72-Logan Chin(2)
#5-Steven Volk(1)
#8-Will Legge(1)
#03-Casey Anderson(1)
#14-Luke Warren(1)
#15-Chadler Blake(1)
#18-Daemin Scott(1)
#21-Jesse Donahue(1)
#22-Cody Wyke(1)
#32-Shane Nargan(1)
#38-Chris Bell(1)
#42-Shane Bliss(1)
#43-Mike Johnson(1)
#62-Nate Pieper(1)
#89-Aaron Fisher(1)
#90-Brian Wilson(1)

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Posts : 763
Join date : 2010-05-03
Age : 21

PostSubject: Final 2010 Point Standings   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:01 am

1.53-Bryan Kittleson
2.07-Eric Webler
3.38-Chris Bell
4.32-Shane Nargan
5.75-Carson Brooks
6.15-Chadler Blake
7.14-Luke Warren
8.24-David Peteyon
9.22-Cody Wyke
10.48-Walter Halloway
11.88-Allen Kimmel
12.18-Daemin Scott
13.90-Brian Wilson
14.8-Will Legge
15.10-Nate Woods
16.33-Bethany Baltano
17.57-Krya Youthan
18.12-Michael Scott
19.13-Jarrod Landsoll
20.58-Scott Johnson
21.56-Mark Mongillo
22.99-Daniel Salemlon
23.39-Walter Green
24.77-Jeff Johnson
25.66-JK Darnell
26.04-Ryan Pearson
27.59-Eddie Johns
28.91-Gordon Billard
29.20-Nick Dunnigan
30.01-Walter Youthan
__________LOCKED IN FOR DAYTONA 250__________

31.00-Luke Knight
32.35-Keith Hales
33.19-Casey Houtu
34.30-Jeremy Johnson
35.52-Carson Plrank
36.11-John Smith
37.17-Jared Webler
38.28-Mack Hamlin
39.9-Jamie Scotti
40.43-Mike Johnson
41.42-Shane Bliss
42.98-Shane Clarke III
43.37-Tony Wyder
44.3-Austin Warwick
45.64-Brian Dawson
46.5-Steven Volk
47.7-Jake Donnelly*
48.71-Max Rodarte
49.6-Emma Dalton
50.4-Megan Woods
51.06-Tony Schancer**
52.31-Mike Hogan**
53.09-Jke Jaze Jr
54.16-Scott Jett
55.62-Nate Pieper
56.25-Billy Garber
57.40-Brendon McDowell
58.89-Aaron Fisher
59.76-David Darnell
60.78-Corlele Hanto
61.80-Keith Jesse
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2010 Race-By-Race
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