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 NVCS Timeline

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PostSubject: NVCS Timeline   Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:35 am


1963;20 Drivers decided to run the NOVAR aka National Organization Vehicular Automobile Racing with 5 races...
Champion:#01-Richard Antoure(+73)

1964;Daytona is Added to the schedule as round 3 of 5.
Champion:#45-Andy Klinger(+55)

1965;Andy Klinger becomes the first ever driver to get turned over in a race at Daytona after being hit by Lawrence Hover(#14). Shane Clarke I joins NOVAR and finishes 3rd in points.
Champion:#5-Tom Pearson(+99)

1966;Schedule expands to seven races as Darlington and Martinsville are added, Andy Klinger becomes the first driver to win more than one championships.
Champion:#45-Andy Klinger(+32) [2nd]

1967:Schedule expands to 10 races,SCI wins 6 of the ten to run with first of 8 Championships.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+104)

1968;Daytona becomes the season opener. Second year veteran Mark Richardson wins the race and wins 4 more to win the championship
Champion:#55-Mark Richardson(+52)

1969;Schedule is now 12 races with Talladega and Charlotte added.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+45) [2nd]

1970;Richard Antoure returns to NOVAR,only to win 6 races to his second championship.
Champion:#01-Richard Antoure(+44) [2nd]

1971;SCI surpass Andy Klinger to win Champ #3.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+71) [3rd]

1972;Grand Detour replaces Dakota Raceway with SCI winning the race.
Champion:#65-Mike Antoure(+109)

1973;It was announced that Wrangler would sponsor the cup series beginning in 1975.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+17) [4th]

1974;SCI Becomes the first driver to win consecutive championships.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+44) [5th]

NOVAR Wrangler Cup Series Era

1975;Robert Scott wins the championship by 137 points, highest distance til 1994.
Champion:#47-Robert Scott(+137)

1976;Schedule expands to 15 races and stays at 15 until 1990.
Champion:#99-Charles Hanson(+82)

1977;SCI dominates '77, but Robert Scott emerges as the '77 cup series title
Champion:#47-Robert Scott(+85) [2nd]

1978;Richard Antoure retires,01 was driven by Max Wesley
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+119) [6th]

1979;Tom Pearson wins the championship in his last year of competing.
Champion:#51-Tom Pearson(+11) [2nd]

1980;The NOVAR GM Goodwrech Lite Series is formed.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+66) [7th]

1981;Charles Hanson is Killed at Talladega after a tire exploded that led to smacking to turn 3 wall head on.That promoted officials for drivers to have a new chassis.
Champion:#33-Rick Johnson(+19)

1982;Grant Zukei nabs the title in the last race by 19 points
Champion:#61-Grant Zukei(+19)

1983;First Thunder Shootout race held at Daytona.
Champion:#4-Ken Ross(+55)

1984;SCI announces retirement at the end of 1985. SCII pilots car #89 to gain experience.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke I(+88) [8th]

1985;In second year in competition SCII wins Championship, Max Wesley is killed in a crash in NGGLS race.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+77)

1986;Simon Antoure joins NOVAR competition driving Car #01.
Champion:#70-Mike Sanders(+88)

1987;Mike Person wins 7 of 15 races to win the Championship.
Champion:#51-Michael Pearson(+87)

1988;Chris Caffen wins only one race to win the championship,that race. The finale at NYA.
Champion:#01-Chris Caffen(+124)

1989;Ken Ross dominates winning 7 races
Champion:#4-Ken Ross(+107) [2nd]

1990;Ross gets consecutive championships first time chapping since 1973 and 1974.NLLTS is formed.The series upgrades to the Cup90 chassis
Champion:#4-Ken Ross(+67) [3rd]

1991;Wykes becomes the first champion in both NWCS and NALS championships in the same year.Schedule expands to 20 races,Indy is added, won by Ken Ross.
Champion:#29-Dan Wykes(+15)

1992;Mack Hamlin enters ROTY honors and wins it by a land side 29 points over Thomas Lawyers.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+111) [2nd]

1993;Greg Wyke is killed at Michgan in a NLLTS race there.
Champion:#29-Dan Wykes(+116)

1994;Mack Hamlin wins the Championship by 231 points over Ken Ross and Shane Clarke II
Champion:#28-Mack Hamlin(+231)

1995;Series first road course race at Wakins Glen, won by Shane Clarke II.
Champion:#01-Chris Caffen(+96) [2nd]

1996;Hamlin wins the last four races and never looks back to win championship #2.
Champion:#28-Mack Hamlin(+164) [2nd]

1997;Clarke II wins the '97 championship by the most amount of points that he wins.Chadler Blake enter ROTY and becomes the first Canadian to enter NOVAR.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+177) [3rd]

1998;Blake wins Championship in the closest margin of victory of a championship by 9 points, tough later surpassed in 2014.East and West Series are formed.
Champion:#15-Chadler Blake(+9)

1999;Wranglers 24 year cup contract expires,Alltel takes over as cup sponsor.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+66) [4th]

NOVAR Alltel Cup Series Era

2000;Clarke follows his fathers footsteps and wins two championships in a row.NFAA and NLMS are formed.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+87) [5th]

2001;Chadler Blake wins 9 of 20 races to win the 2001 championship,Chris Caffen is severely injured in a last lap crash at Daytona.
Champion:#15-Chadler Blake(+78) [2nd]

2002;Clarke is unstoppable again, winning the 2002 championship, Michael Scott enters ROTY honors,with his own team and winning 5 races and finishing 3rd to Mack Hamlin and SCII.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+83) [6th]

2003;CB wins in the largest margin of victory with 292 points over Breanna Nicole.
Champion:#15-Chadler Blake(+292) [3rd] {Currently largest MOV}

2004;Clarke wins his second to last championship.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+42) [7th]

2005;Schedule is expanded to 25 races as 9 of them belonged to Shane Clarke II.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke II(+96) [8th]

2006;Shane Clarke II is killed at Chicago,the same crash sidelines David Peteyon and Michael Scott.Thomas Lawyers who caused the crash, went on to win the championship.
Champion:#16-Thomas Lawyers(+16)

2007;Shane Clarke III runs his first season with #98, finishes 9th in points, 1999 ROTY contender Eddie Johns wins the Championship.
Champion:#55-Eddie Johns(+53)

2008;Michael Scott becomes the second second generation driver to win the Championship, winning 4 of the last 5 races.
Champion:#18-Michael Scott(+41)

NOVAR Verizon Cup Series Era

2009;Eric Webler enters ROTY and proves his SS skills as he wins all SS races except the second Talladega,won by Chadler Blake. Mike Scott wins 2 of the last 3 races just to finish second in points and SM becoming the first team to have their drivers finish 1-2.
Champion:#20-Mark Mongillo(+221) [The only rookie champion in NOVAR history]

2010;Bryan Kittleson gets Dodge its first ever championship in NOVAR comp.
Champion:#53-Bryan Kittleson(+25)

2011;Last year with COY bodies,Mike Johnson's team is suspended due to having illegal parts while NGS testing. Shane Hardon pulls upset wins at Daytona and Darlington.Mack Hamlin is severely injured in a wreck during a Qualifying race at Talladega but comes back in time for the All-Star event.David Peteyon and Eddie Johns get into a fight after they took each other out at Charlotte, Josh Mertz won that race. The series runs its first races at the Columbia Speedway(won by #14-Luke Warren) and Dentsville SuperSpeedway(won by #57-Shane Hardon) Gordon Billard also wins two races at Atlanta and Texas World. Eddie Johns has Shane Hardon take out Shane Clarke III at Homestead causing John's win to be stripped. The season also marks a record with 25 different winners.
Champion:#98-Shane Clarke III(+36)

2012;The first season with the new chassis, the South Carolina Part Timers Challenge debuts.Steven Volk is severely injured in a crash at Las Vegas during the qualifying race for that event. The points system is also revamped for 2012. Blake edges out Harper for the title.
Champion:#15 - Chadler Blake (+27) [4th]

2013: Shane Hardon dominates the first 19 races of the season, but blows a 76 point lead with 5 races left to hand David Peteyon his first and only title.
Champion:#24 - David Peteyon (+14)

2014: Chadler Blake dominates the season, he blows a 39 point lead with 2 races remaining (caused by suspension from Texas in which he could've clinched the title). Silver Green Racing teammates Shane Nargon and Cody Wyke take advantage, and they tie up in the championship after a incredible final laps at Columbia, but Nargon wins the tiebreaker with 2 wins to Wyke's 0 wins.
Champion:#32 - Shane Nargon (+0) {Currently closest MOV}

2015: MONSTER Energy Racing wins 4 of the first 6 races, and 8 of 10 races dating back to end of 2014. Keith Batson is killed when he struck Karl O'Simon's car during the Gamestop Truck event at Blue Ridge. Scott Johnson wins 3 second half races, and used consistency and a brilliant but risky pit strategy at Columbia to take his first title over Shane Hardon
Champion:#58 - Scott Johnson (+6)

2016:The first two races of the season go into overtime, and MONSTER Energy Racing wins 3 straight races. But in the end, a battle between the two previous season champions along with Casey Lester ends with Shane Nargon winning his second title in 3 years.
Champion:#32 - Shane Nargon (+3)

2017: The series runs its 1,000th race at Talladega, which is won by Caroline Slavotoriz, in a wild finish that saw a 24 car crash coming off turn 4. Meanwhile, Shane Hardon scores a staggering 7 wins to grab his long awaited first title over teammate Chris Clark
Champion:#59 - Shane Hardon (+36)



0 (tie)2014


GN63 - 1963-1969
GN70 - 1970-1981
Aero88 - 1982-1990
Cup90 - 1991-1995
Default - 1996-2011
Desmods Cup11s - 2012-2013
BRGen6 - 2014-Present

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NVCS Timeline
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